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Nature Match


Challenge your memory by matching pairs of birds, mammals, fish, insects, and shells. A learning experience for all ages as the NatureMatch booklet explains what is special about each creature. 
Winner of the Canadian Nature Federation's ROBERT BATEMAN AWARD, Aleta Karstad has selected 36 of her favourite wildlife portraits in watercolour to share her fascination with nature's enchanting diversity. 

Welcome to NatureMatch

Engage your friends and family with this simple memory game in the age-old tradition of "Concentration". Find the match to each delicately painted bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, or insect, as you learn their names and what makes each species special.

A hands-on nature experience indoors or out
exercise your memory with exquisite nature portraits

In these times of increasing electronic  information and recreation, people of all ages need to get offline to enjoy the tactile experience of a hands-on game once in a while - maybe even often!

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Musquash Bog Jigsaw Puzzle

Musquash Bog Jigsaw Puzzle

'Musquash Bog' Jigsaw Puzzle         

This is a 250 piece, 10 x 16 inch jigsaw puzzle featuring an original oil painting by award-winning Canadian artist Aleta Karstad.

Follow Aleta’s brush to piece together her intricate painting of a Sphagnum bog in bloom, with Bog Laurel, Pitcher Plants, and Cloudberries ripening to perfection!



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