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King’s Cup


King’s Cup is a drinking game with friends where it’s NOT good to be King.

In this game, the deck of cards is shuffled and spread around an empty King’s Cup. Players take turns drawing cards in the same direction and each player must drink and dispense drinks based on the rules of the cards drawn.

Do what the cards tell you.

You will drink. The cup will get filled.

The game ends when the last King is drawn and the King’s Cup has been consumed.


  • Ace: Waterfall – Every player begins drinking. Once the player who drew the ace stops drinking, the next player can stop. This continues until the round is complete or a loser stops before their turn. Losers drink.
  • 2: You – The player that drew the card assigns a drink to a player of choice.
  • 3: Me – The player that drew the card drinks.
  • 4: Wh*res – All players who identify as female drink.
  • 5: Thumbs – Players race to put a thumb on the table or to cover their camera (if playing online). Last player to do so loses. Losers drink.
  • 6: Dicks – All players who identify as male drink.
  • 7: All Drink – Everyone is a loser. Losers drink.
  • 8: Mate – Pick a player to drink with. Losers drink together.
  • 9: Rhyme – Say a word or phrase after which each player must rhyme it in order of play. Losers drink.
  • 10: Categories – Choose a category and start the round with something from that category in order of play (i.e. if “drinking games” was the category, “King’s Cup” would be a suitable answer. Losers drink.
  • Jack: Never Have I Ever – Each player puts up 3 fingers. Starting with the player who drew the card, each player in order of play must announce “Never have I ever [something]“. If you’ve done it, put a finger down. A loser has no more fingers. Losers drink.
  • Queen: Questions – The player who drew the card must ask another player a question. That player must then ask yet another player a question. This continues until a player loses by answering the question posed to them or fails to continue the questioning. Losers drink.
  • King: The Ruler – Add some of your drink to the King’s Cup. Proclaim a rule that all must heed until the next King is drawn (i.e. no first names allowed or you drink). The 4th and last King drawn must drink the King’s Cup (if online, take a foul shot) and the game restarts.


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